Our Projects


Conservation work includes the restoration of the city’s heritage to its original character by using the archival construction techniques and traditional building materials.
Project Cost – INR 40 Cr.
  • A total of 10 historical gates were meticulously restored which includes Satta Pol, Chand Pol, Hathi Pol, Amba Pol, Ram Pol, Udia Pol, Suraj Pol, Brahm Pol, etc.
  • Major bazaars including a total of 944 buildings were restored with the installation of new uniform signages.
  • A total of 8 Ghats were restored which includes Chandpol ghat, Lal Ghat, Imli Ghat etc.
  • The 6 km long heritage fort wall around the walled city were restored using extensive conservation and preservation efforts.
  • Several public buildings which include Saraswati Library, Navalakha Mahal, Collectorate Building, Fateh Memorial, Residency Girls Govt. School, etc. were also restored to their former glory.
The conservation and restoration of heritage structure have significantly increased tourist footfall in the city, leading to a rise in revenue and employment opportunities. This initiative has reinstated the city’s historic beauty that was previously at risk due to modern working practices.


The 3.4 sq. km of Udaipur walled city area has been transformed with modern infrastructure and upgraded utility support systems. The high standards for hygiene, water, power provide foundation for sustainable development, improving overall quality of life of the citizens.
Project Cost: 600 Cr.
  • The construction of the water and sewage network, utility ducts for power and communication cables and rehabilitating & upgrading existing infrastructure.
  • Construction of Water treatment plan with the capacity of 23.47 MLD to facilitate 24 x 7 water supply to the walled city.
  • SCADA System for water network, sewerage system and power & telecom cable distribution to regulate and control the network.
IMPACT:Optimized performance of the infrastructure, reduce down time & improves in the overall efficiency of city’s operation. Adequate water supply, closure of open drains & channel, safer electrical connections, etc improved the public health and hygiene in the area.


An extensive network of new water distribution system provides 24×7 clean metered water to the ABD area, promoting public hygiene and well-being in the community.
Project Cost – INR 24 Cr.
  • The WTP’s capacity has been raised to 23.47 MLD, allowing it to process a higher volume of water per day.
  • It supplies treated water supply 24*7 to the walled city area.
  • Appropriate treatment and disposal of scum.
  • This project includes laying of new water pipelines and additional pump with increase pump power.
Enhanced performance with reduced errors & increased efficiency along with quicker routine maintenance. The impactful initiative would improve health and quality of life for walled city residents.


Three STPs with capacities of 25 MLD, 10 MLD, and 5MLD were constructed across the city to achieve 100% sewage treatment.
Project Cost – INR 80 Cr.
  • 25 MLD plant at Eklingpura, 10 MLD plant near FCI 5MLD plant near Karjali complex are the newly constructed Sewerage Treatment Plants.
  • All 3 STP’s are upgraded with SBR Technology and are constructed and operated under the Hybrid Annuity Model.
  • The plants are fully automatic with provision of mechanical screens, motorised gates and valves, grit separators, bio-reactors, SCADA and Laboratory.
  • Monitoring of the sewage treatment plant under the latest direction of CPCB.
It promotes sustainable development by reducing the burden on the environment through the treatment and recycling of waste water. The initiative led to decreased incidence of diseases like dengue, malaria and diseases associated with open waste water and improved hygiene in the area.


The efficient collection, transportation and disposal of Municipal Solid Waste has become a source of revenue, and a means of promoting a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable city for its community.
Project Cost – INR 49.5 Cr.
  • Introduction of the auto tippers for door to door collection of solid waste.
  • Construction of a transfer station for the compression of waste.
  • A total of 5 weighing bridges are installed to measure the daily collection of solid waste.
  • 32830 square meters of land reclaimed in Balicha Dumping site by processing legacy waste.
  • Installation of 20 TPD Bio methanation plant to break the organic matter in stable residue and generate a methane rich biogas in the process.
  • 30 TPD Wet Waste Processing Plant that produce compost from the wet waste.
  • Construction of 2 MRF Plant, under which solid waste is recycled by separating and processing using mechanical and manual methods.
  • Construction of 50TPD Construction & Demolition Waste Plant .
Under these various initiatives by USCL for the solid waste management the city started making revenue from these initiatives and has potentially become self-sustainable. Waste has become raw materials for compost and biogas.


The development of mass transit infrastructure, smart roads, green corridors, inclusive spaces, cycling infrastructure and convenient parking spaces would lead to a more sustainable city.
Project Cost – INR 126 Cr.
  • Development of Smart Roads with cyclist-pedestrian friendly infrastructure and social – recreational spaces for all ages.
  • 6 Dedicated Parking and Puzzle parking were constructed across the city.
  • Developed 100 bus shelters citywide in 2 phases as part of the Mass transit project .
  • The Junction Improvement Project at Suraj Pol
  • Public Bicycle Sharing offering citizens and tourists easy online rentals and drop-offs at designated bike stations.
  • Construction of Kumharo ka Bhatta flyover and utilized the under space for parking, safe crossings and landscape.
Improving transportation efficiency would eventually lead to increased economic activity and job growth. Promoting cyclist pedestrian friendly infrastructure encourages a healthy lifestyle and minimizes pollution.


Citizens can now experience fitness, play, and inclusivity in their city with newly developed open gymnasiums, basketball courts, and inclusive/accessible parks adjoining the lake.
Project Cost – INR 3.35 Cr.
  • An open gymnasium spanning 1700 sqm and containing14 different equipment.
  • Two basketball courts were constructed at Luv Kush Stadium.
  • Transformed a land of 1500 sqm adjacent to Goverdhan Sagar Lake into an all abled friendly park/garden with children play area with placemaking activities.
  • A ring road was constructed around Goverdhan Sagar Lake, with footpaths, street furniture, parking facilities, cycle stands, and an open plaza areas, providing citizens with a new recreational space.
These work increased opportunities for the citizens to participate in sports and physical activity. The increased access to nature and green spaces for citizens and visitors has led to an improvement in their overall quality of life. Potential to increase tourism and revenue for the city.


This coveted USCL project enhanced environment for education by renovating Schools and Anganwadis, providing modern technology and better layouts to the campuses improved learning environments.
Project Cost – INR 11 Cr.
  • Developed 40 smart classrooms across 26 schools with multimedia content and interactive technology.
  • Constructed utilities like clean drinking water, health and hygiene facilities, and play areas and equipment in 40 schools and anganwadis.
  • Designed classrooms with vibrant mural art and smart interactive equipment to provide an engaging learning experience for students.
  • Digitized and microfilmed 730 books of Saraswati Library to preserve ancient documents and books.
Enhanced learning experience for the students, making it more engaging and impactful lead to improved academic performance. Creating a stimulating and exciting learning environment would have a positive impact on academic performance by fostering curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills.


The project includes designed and engineered solar modules, DC systems,inverters, switchgears and monitoring facilities. This initiation would reduce pollution.
Project Cost – INR 3.00 CR
Setting up of approximately 500 KW of solar power, has given Udaipur an opportunity to lead with example. The project includes designed and engineered solar modules, DC systems, inverters switchgears, and monitoring facilities. Reducing environmental pollution & generating cost-effective energy, has allowed for excess power to be sold back to the grid leading reduced in electricity bills and a step towards sustainable future.


The Abhay Command & Control Centre monitors city management activities, enhances traffic management, and improves surveillance with high-resolution cameras installed at prominent locations.
Project Cost – INR 46.00 CR
The Abhay Command & Control Centre monitors city management activities, enhances traffic management and improves surveillance with high-resolution cameras installed at prominent locations. The center includes a live MIS dashboard, LED video wall screen, and cyber forensic room for “Dial 100”. The installation of CCTV cameras has led to a reduction in traffic violations, crime rates, and easy tracking of criminals.


The Udaipur Smart City App is an Android & iOS based mobile application created by Udaipur Smart City Limited in response to the increasing demand towards ease of doing things with technology. The citizens or users can get details about city services or utilities such as Fuel Stations, ATMs, Banks, Marriage Halls, Public Toilets, Money Exchange, etc. along with and emergency services such as Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Police Stations, Women Helpline, etc. This app facilitates citizens to book tickets anytime or anywhere with ease at almost every tourist attractions, thereby fostering business growth. This app provides information of Public Parking facilities, locations of Bus stops & its routes and PBS stations. The city open-data will provide valuable information to the citizens, would save time on standing in long queue for ticketing and thus improve their quality of life and generate wealth.
Project Cost – INR 22 LAKHS


  • Udaipur Smart City is the winner of the Smart Cities Award Contest (ISAC) 2022 Zonal Smart City Award (North Zone).
  • The Udaipur Smart City Ltd. is the winner of the ISAC Project Award 2022 in the category Governance for developing Udaipur Smart City Mobile App.
  • “L&T Infrastructure,” the project implementing partner of Udaipur Smart City, has been awarded the prestigious Partner Award – Infrastructure ISAC 2022 for its outstanding quality of work.
  • Udaipur Smart City Limited won the HUDCO Design Award 2021-2022 under category Heritage Conservation. As a token of appreciation, USCL received an amount of Rs. 2 Lakhs.
  • USCL developed a dedicated cycling track and ranked among the top 25 cities in India under the “India Cycles 4 Change” challenge.
  • Udaipur Smart City Ltd. transformed Pahari Bus stand, Chetak Circle & Indira Gandhi Kachi Basti into a walking-friendly street and safe junction. The transformation was done in just 75 hours of Placemaking interventions under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, and ranked among the top 11 cities in India under “Steet 4 People” challenge. USCL also been awarded with Rupees 50 Lakhs from the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MOHUA) as a token of appreciation.

Revamping Udaipur with a motive of creating a sustainable urban ecosystem that is economically,environmentally, and socially sustainable

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