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Udaipur is one of the cities that were selected in the first top 20 Smart cities.


Redevelopment will affect a replacement of the existing built-up environment and enable co-creation of a new layout with enhanced infrastructure using mixed land use and increased density. Redevelopment envisages an area of more than 50 acres, identified by Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in consultation with citizens.


Retrofitting will introduce planning in an existing built-up area to achieve Smart City objectives, along with other objectives, to make the existing area more efficient and livable. In retrofitting, an area consisting of more than 500 acres will be identified by the city in consultation with citizens.


Pan-city development envisages application of selected Smart Solutions to the existing city-wide infrastructure. Application of Smart Solutions will involve the use of technology, information and data to make infrastructure and services better. The pan city solutions are covering 276 sq.km. having population 25 lacs.


Digital payments form an integral part of the smart city vision, with a rising acknowledgment of the value they bring to local governments and their citizens.


GIS is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all smart city projects on map.



The idea behind Smart city is to develop an area within the city with modern amenities and infrastructure and this area will act as a model for the development of other parts of city which can be taken up by local bodies and State Government.
For Udaipur, ABD area is walled city area and most of the projects can be taken up in this area only. As this area is congested and has narrow streets with 20% population of the city and preserves the heritage of Udaipur, developing and restoring walled city area is a formidable challenge. With our team of experts and highly mechanized system and technology we wish to complete this project in record time.
Udaipur is a world renowned tourist destination. Our endeavor is to make this city one of the best tourist destinations of world and to impart a mesmerizing experience to domestic and foreign tourists. For this USCL has taken up the project of integrated infrastructure of walled city, and this project will directly help in clean streets and clean lakes as all the sewerage will be tapped. Restoration of heritage facade, gates, Havelis and Ghats has been taken up to give a glimpse of the illustrious bygone era and the glory of Mewar. Ayad redevelopment project will come up as an alternate tourist point in future years. Tourism and allied activities hold a major proportion of jobs and livelihood generation, and during public consultation for Smart cities proposal, tourism was rated as top priority by the citizens of udaipur, hence this will remain a major focus area.
We see Udaipur as a growth hub of Southern Rajasthan with smart roads, smart parks, smart and efficient solid and liquid waste management system, open spaces and a clean and green city. We are working towards equipping Udaipur Municipal Corporation with mechanized system for waste management and fire fighting.
Smart parking, Intelligent traffic management system, advanced IT systems for law and order and Crime control will be taken up to make the city livable and safe. We are working towards making the health care system more advanced and efficient with help of RNT Medical College and Department of Ayurveda. We are focusing on medical tourism with advanced Ayurveda facilities. We look forward to your co-operation and guidance.


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About Us

Government of India has now announced the list of 20 cities selected to be taken up for development as smart cities in Round 1 of the Smart City Programme out of the 97 competing cities. On the basis of the scoring done by the panel of experts, the top 20 cities have been selected for funding in the current financial year (2015-16).

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