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Development of 50 Bus Q Shelters in the city of Udaipur


Development of 50 Bus Q Shelters in the city of Udaipur

Sustainable transport is not possible without efficient transport infrastructure design in the existing road network. In order to improve the mobility environment of the city, it is important to analyze existing land resources, traffic and transport demand and then recommend feasible solutions as per the local context

As the entire walled city area is characterized by a variety of land uses and major markets, the street parking demand is high over the entire area, throughout the day, creating pressure on the traffic carrying capacity of existing narrow roads. The issue of irregular right of way along most of the roads is also leading to irregular encroachments resulting in a waste of space.

To facilitate the transport system within the Walled City, following parking lots have been proposed:


  • Construction of Parking in SIERT Campus Near Saheliyon ki Bari
  • Multilevel Parking at Chandpol Phase-II
  • Multilevel Parking at Nadakheda
  • Multilevel Parking Near PWD Garage
  • Construction of Parking at RNT
  • Construction of Parking at MB Hospital ,Udaipur


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