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Final Cover, Final Capping and Land Reclamation (Part Area) of Old Solid Waste Dump site at Titardi by adopting appropriate Scientific Closure Technology.

Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC) generates about 180 TPD of garbage. Presently UMC does not have proper treatment and disposal facility. The total waste generated in Udaipur was dumped at Titardi dumping ground located at about 10 kms from city. The Titardi garbage dumping ground has a history of about 40 years of dumping and stopped the same in the year 2013. It is estimated that about 83,700 cum of garbage was dumped during this phase. Titardi open solid waste dumpsite do not have an engineered liner system, leachate collection system (LCS), or an appropriately designed final cover system, thus posing a threat to the environment and human health.


USCL planned for final closure of Titardi dumpsite by partly moving the garbage and reorganizing to safe slope stabilization, compaction and land development after part reclamation of land for useful purposes.



  1. A total of about 83,000 cum of old garbage is dumped in about 3 hectare of land. It was proposed to reorganize the haphazardly dumped old garbage by moving about 41,908 cum of garbage from about 1.7 hectare of land within the existing dumping ground at Titardi, located at about 10 kms from Udaipur
  2. The garbage is compacted in layers to achieve safe slope stability
  3. Final closure for compacted areas is providedby following scientific procedure comprising of gas collection layer, barrier clay layer, geo-membrane liner, drainage layer and vegetation layer

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