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Heritage Conservation & Place-making & Cultural Identity

Udaipur has strong historic built fabric along the Pichhola lake, mainly visible within the walled city,
which is also its most visited part.proposing a conservation area in the walled city to ensure any development is undertaken in a sensitive manner, and to use the built environment to promote the city and its identity.


Improvement of through landscaping of the artistic signages, renovation of the ghats and waterfront,
public conveniences and resting places, etc. The estimated cost of this initiative is of the order of Rs 47 Crores.

Heritage and façade conservation of buildings of walled city area : Validation of existing DPR and preparation of regulatory framework for heritage conservation in the area.

Placemaking of various squares and plazas in the area (numbering around 20) : Comprehensive study for Improvement of the public spaces and tourist spots within the old city by that have become encroached by parking, utilities, street vendors, etc. through various urban design, landscaping and traffic circulation treatments. Design of Heritage Walks for tourists would be part of these efforts.

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