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Physical Infrastructure :

The following measures for Liveability and sustainability improvement would be undertaken through the up-gradation of existing infrastructure with outcome-based service delivery. Individual projects are required to be taken up after a detailed study of lane wise implementation along with the proposed impact on traffic.

Water Supply :

Udaipur aims to undertake three basic improvements to improve the reliability and quality of water supply in the walled city area aligned to GoI benchmarks: (i) enhancing the per capita water supply from 115lpcd to 135 lpcd, (ii) improving the frequency of water supply from once in 48 hours to once in 24 hours and gradually migrating to 24x7 system and (iii) reducing Non-Revenue Water from 42 % to 20%.



Scope: The major components include the following with a total estimated cost of Rs 58 Crores:
Creation of appropriate DMAs (District metering areas)
New Intake at Doodh Talai Increase capacity of existing WTP at Doodh Talai from 3 MLD to 10 MLD
Renovation of existing pump house at Doodh Talai with heritage look Construction of new CWR at Doodh Talai for 13.64 MLD capacity.

Replacement of pumps at Doodh Talai Proposed new Over Head reservoirs 5 nos Proposed GLSRs 6 No
New rising main from Doodh Talai to CWRs
Distribution network pipeline replacement (60 Km)
Leak detection equipment Water quality monitoring lab
Ultrasonic bulk flow meters
Replacement of valves


Scope: Most of the sewerage network in walled city has outlived its life and become dysfunctional,
causing pollution in the lakes. The entire sewerage network in this area, except for 13km, will need to
be re-laid. The components of the new sewerage system include the following with a total estimated
cost of about Rs 139.35 Crores :
New sewerage network a total length of 72 km
100% House service connections
Sewage pumping stations with SCADA
Installation of manhole leakage detection sensors
Pumping main from Ambapol side to Chandpol side
Dismantling of existing underwater sewerage system in Pichola lake
Sewage Treatment Plant of capacity 12 MLD

Storm Water Drainage

Scope: Construction of new rectangular drains and repair of existing rectangular drains in walled city
for a total length of about 44km, at an estimated cost of Rs 10 Crores
Solid waste Management

Scope: The scope includes door to door Primary collection system in walled city area, installation of
bins and garbage vats, recycling of waste and its transportation to a transfer station, at an estimated
cost of Rs 6 Crores.
This would be integrated with the comprehensive Solid Waste Management for the entire city to be
taken up under the Swachh Bharat Mission.
Electrical :

The power supply situation in Udaipur is quite good with T&D Losses and AT&C Losses, both being
below 10% at present. The target is to reduce them by 1.56% in the first year, and determine further
targets subsequently.
Scope: Conversion of existing overhead cables to underground cables is proposed for a length of
about 85 km in walled city area. The proposals include replacements / laying and installation of the
following items with an estimated cost of Rs 129 Crores.
33 KV line
11 KV line with transformers, RMUs, etc
LT Line (cable replacement length)
Underground cable for street lights
Gas Insulated Substation of 132/33 KV along with 33/11 KV substation at Bailghar
Power supply line for Hospital sub station


Utility Duct :

Scope : To accommodate the underground electrical and telecommunication network, a utility duct is
proposed along the entire road length (85 Km) with an average cross section of 0.6m (depth) x 1.2 m
(width). The utility duct is proposed to be covered with openable ferro cement cover suitable for class
AA loading along its entire length. The total cost is estimated as Rs 85 crores.
Road Restoration :

Scope: Since all utilities would be shifted underground, roads for a length of about 81 km will be re
laid with pavement quality concrete (PQC). About 4km will be surfaced will cobbled stones in the
designated heritage walk routes.

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