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Junction Improvement Surajpole Junction

Project Smart Junction

Intersection improvement of important junctions is intended to accommodate an infrastructure which will ensure a safe and reserved right of way for pedestrians as well cyclists, and space for accommodating infrastructure (which supports context relevant activities currently observed on the street) such as pedestrian, vending and landscaping space to support shopping and religious activity on the street, along with spaces for parking of Integrated public transit (IPT), etc. The junction improvement needs to meet local objectives of reducing traffic queues during peak hour along with reducing delays and improving safety for non-motorized modes. These requirements can be met by Modern Roundabout development at the concerned intersections.

Presently, Surajpol junction witnesses considerable traffic demand which results in long queues and traffic jams, especially during peak hours. This area is also plagued by on-street parking and reducing space for clear movement. With a view to improve the circulation and movement about the roundabout, junction improvement at Surajpole has been taken upwith an estimated expenditure amounting to Rs.1.31 Crores.

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Government of India has now announced the list of 20 cities selected to be taken up for development as smart cities in Round 1 of the Smart City Programme out of the 97 competing cities. On the basis of the scoring done by the panel of experts, the top 20 cities have been selected for funding in the current financial year (2015-16).

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