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Smart Utilities & ICT Applications

In Udaipur Smart City agenda the application of ICT based smart solutions has been envisaged in the
following areas : i) monitoring and operation of various utility services, ii) urban mobility and iii) e
governance (which is dealt separately in Module 9). These solutions would be implemented for the
entire city under the pan city smart utility and IT solutions network.
Scope : The major components are elaborated below.
Smart Utilities : GIS based mapping and asset & consumer database creation Field surveys of properties, Data Acquisition for Property records, preparing digital maps and records
Detailed data Acquisition for utilities (under Area based Development)
Data Acquisition for utilities under Pan city.
Procurement of software and hardware alongwith 5 year AMC

Design and Installation of SCADA in utility networks water pumping stations, water treatment plants, pressure flow measurements, leakage sensors in the distribution systems,
sewage and drainage pumping stations , manhole sensors
power distribution, outage management system, advanced metering system

Replacement of existing conventional consumers meters with Smart AMR meters for water (about 1.05 lakh nos) and electricity (single phase and 3-phase)

Installation of about 500 wifi hotspots

The estimated cost of the above is about Rs 150.96 crores

Central Command Centre : All ICT and e-Governance solutions will be undertaken in synchronisation with the initiatives of the Dept of ITC, GoR under its shared services framework for the whole state in convergence with Digital India. Back-end support from DITC, GoR will enable inter-operability and improved functionality. The major items of integration with State IT infrastructure include the following :

Data Center : All data will be hosted at Rajasthan State Data Centre (RSDC) - cloud based data housing. It will provide secured 24x7 electronic service delivery of G2G, G2C and G2B services.
Software Licences : Will be provided under various State Schemes viz. Rajdhara (GIS), Rajasthan Single Sign-on (SSO), etc
Connectivity of city data with RSDC : City is connected with RSWAN (Rajasthan State Wide Area Network)


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Government of India has now announced the list of 20 cities selected to be taken up for development as smart cities in Round 1 of the Smart City Programme out of the 97 competing cities. On the basis of the scoring done by the panel of experts, the top 20 cities have been selected for funding in the current financial year (2015-16).

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