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Management Information Services

S. No.
Name of Work
Estimated Cost (₹ in Lakhs)
Work Order Cost (₹ in Lakhs)
Technical Sanction Date
NIT Published
Opening Date of Technical Bid
Opening Date of Financial Bid
A & F Sanction Approval Taken
LOA Issued
Work Order Issued
Agency Name
Stipulated Date of
Amount (₹ in Lakhs) 
1 Development of Open Air Gymnasium at Gulaab Garden 14.82 8.63 20-04-2016 USCL/DEV{ }/2016-17/03 23/04/2016 06-01-2016 06-01-2016 14.82 18/04/2016 USCL/2016-17/42 06-09-2016 USCL/2016-17/101 22/06/2016 M/S Sansun Industries Pvt. Ltd. 07-02-2016 10-01-2016 Work Completed.Amount paid INR 838177.
2 Setting up Smart Class Rooms in Government Schools of Walled City Area Udaipur 80.00 79.21 20/04/2016 USCL/DEV{ }/2016-17/03 22/04/2016 06-05-2016 21-06-2016 79.37 22/06/2016 USCL/2016-17/93-100 22/06/2016 USCL/2016-17/182 08-01-2016 Educomp Solutions Ltd. 08-11-2016 11-10-2016 “Installation completed in 21 classrooms of ABD area and in 19 classrooms in PAN city area.
Amount paid INR 3118500″
3 Installation of Solar roof top in government buildings in the ABD (Walled city) Area   161.22                   USCL/2016-17/DEV/222 30/05/2016 Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited     “REIL has been authorized as implementing agency for Jaipur and Udaipur.
Installation of Solar panel on roof top completed.Amount paid INR 13448680
4 Construction of Command and Control Centre Building 130.00 122.06 13/05/2016 USCL/DEV{ }/2016-17/02 16/05/2016 24-06-2016 24-06-2016 130.00 16/05/2016 USCL/2016-17/134 24/06/2016 USCL/2016-17/152 15/07/2016 M/S M.M. Construction 25/07/2016 24/01/2017 “Control and Command centre for Udaipur Smart City has been proposed in the heart of town at Town Hall campus.

USCL issued Work order amount of Rs. 1.22 Cr. for construction works.

DoIT issued work order for setting up hardware and software of ~Rs. 22 Cr. for setting up Command and Control Centre.

Amount paid INR 12115000
Work Completed.
5 Parking lot development work at PWD Garage near Gulaab Bagh, Udaipur 48.56 45.54 13/10/2016 NIT_09_2016-17_USCL_02 15/10/2016 11-08-2016 17-11-2016 48.55 13/10/2016     374 14/12/2016 M/S Mahima Construction, Udaipur 23/12/2016 22/06/2017 “To provide parking facility in the Walled city area, USCL issued Work order.
Work Completed.<
Amount paid INR 2888304″
6 Installation of Automated Sanitary Vending Machine at Important places 26.92 33.49 09-07-2016         2691902.00 09-07-2016     USCL/16-17/256 09-07-2016 M/S HLL Life Care Limited 15/11/2016 27/02/2017 USCL proposed to install Automated Sanitary Vending Machine approved by MoUD at Girl’s colleges, Hospitals, Bus stands, Railway stations etc.
Work issued to M/s HLL LifeCare Ltd. (Govt. of India Enterprises) for 55 machines.
Amount paid INR 2691902. Total No of Machines = 55+10 = 65 Machines
Work Completed for 55 Machines”
7 Progress under SBM – Purchase of Auto Tippers 68.36 67.24           68.36 16/11/2016     USCL/16-17/380 26/12/2016 M/S Tata Motors 01-11-2017 31/01/2017 “To facilitate door to door collection of solid waste in the Walled city area USCL purchased 15 auto tippers and handed over to UMC.

Work Completed.
Amount paid INR 6704000.
8 Convergence under AMRUT 3746.98 8412.56 21/12/2016 26/2016-17 27/08/2016 30-09-2016 25-11-2016 8412.56 21/12/2016 DEV/16-17/1188-1196 17/12/2016 Nirman/16-17/384 17/01/2017 M/S Gujarat Construction Company 27/01/2017 28/02/2019 “In the sanctioned work, the area close to lakes was covered in Ist phase, which comes under ABD area. Amount of Rs. 5.75 Cr will be used in this Walled city area.
Work of Lifting Station at Naganagari, Maharaj Ghat, Pipli Ghat & Lal Ghat completed. At near Natural Hotel and Nathi Ghat work is under progress.
51 km of sewer line laid.
5 Lifting station completed.
9 Conservation of Step Well in ABD Area 48.69 48.64 16/01/2017 USCL/DEV{ }/2016-17/E_15 20/01/2017 27-02-2017 27-02-2017 51.10 16/01/2017     USCL/01/17-18 04-03-2017 M/S Vijay Construction, Ajmer 04-12-2017 10-11-2017 “As a part of the heritage conservation taken up in the ABD (Walled City Area). USCL issued work order for rejuvenation of 8 old step wells
Work completed.
10 Smart Card Common City Payments System for Udaipur       Smart Card Common City Ref No 436 Dated 21-02-17 28/02/2017             USCL/17-18/28 24/05/2017 “Yes Bank Limited
Shree Padmavati Online Services Pvt. Ltd.”
    “USCL invited offer on non-exclusive basis
• Selected bidder shall issue pre-paid card co-branded with USCL and Financial Institution.
• Card will facilitate collection at govt. entities and tourist places.
• Card will provide an interface for the card users that allow them to check the balance of the card, load the card and transfer the money to his Bank Account of choice.
• There will be no rentals and transactional charges for POS device to Government Entities”
11 Operation of E-Rickshaw in the Udaipur City under NMT                       USCL/2016-17/276 10-07-2016 Shree Padmavati Online Services Pvt. Ltd. (Namasteji)     EOI issued for E-Rickshaw under NMT on 12-08-2016 and received techno-commercial offer on 31-08-2016 by Shree Padmavati Online Services Pvt. Ltd under the Brand Name NamasteJi to conduct a POC for a period of 6 months in specified locations.
12 Providing, Laying, Jointing, Testing and Commissioning of Sewer System and all ancillary works in AMRUT Phase-II Area 5877.00 7333.77 02-07-2017 NIT_16_2016_17_Sewrage_USCL_02 17/02/2017 27-03-2017 18/05/2017 8557.00 15/02/2017     USCL/2017-18/72 22/06/2017 M/S Dineshchandra R Agarwal Infracon Pvt. Ltd. 07-01-2017 30/06/2019 “Work has commenced. Areas in which work is going on: Gayatri Nagar, New Vidya Nagar, FCI Area, Pooja Nagar, Tilak Nagar , Shastri Nagar, Chanakya Puri , Manwa Khera and Jyoti Nagar under Hiran Magri Area. Sewer line of Length 15 km. has been laid.
Liquidity damage of 2.5% has been imposed on contractor for slow and poor work. Further work fronts has not been released to the contractor till the completion of the road restoration work.
Work in progress”
13 Commissioning of 3 STP’s through Hybrid Annuity based PPP Model 8000.00 7999.99 12-09-2016 E-13/2016-17 16/02/2017 24-04-2017 16/05/2017 8000.00 12-09-2016 USCL/2017-18/71 22/06/2017 USCL/2017-18/80 24/06/2017 Hindustan Zinc Limited 07-04-2017 07-03-2019 “Hindustan Zinc Limited, the winning bidder has started the Work.
HZL commenced work on the 25 MLD STP. Land dispute of 10 MLD has been resolved and the work of 5 & 10 MLD STP’s shall commence in June 2018″
14 Design and Construction of Intercepting Sewer on banks of Ayad River and lateral Sewer Network in Ward No 34, 35 and 38 along with allied works including Operation & Maintenance services of the created system for 10 years at Udaipur 12623.36           24/04/2017     RUIDP/PIU/UDP/01/PH-III/01-04 30/06/2017     M/S Technocraft Construction Pvt. Ltd. 08-10-2017 26/01/2020 “RUIDP started the laying of Sewer Network and trunk line in 3 Wards and main trunk along Ayad.
Work has commenced”
15 Construction of Cycle Stands at various places in the City, Udaipur 58.10 24.64 01-07-2017 USCL/DEV{ }/2016-17/E_14 01-07-2017 31/01/2017 27/02/2017 58.10 01-06-2017     USCL/02/17-18 04-03-2017 M/S Aravali Builder and Construction, Udaipur 04-12-2017 12-01-2017 Work is under Progress. There has been a delay in start due to issues related to the finalization of locations of the Cycle Sheds. The same has been resolved. Work has started near Kala Kiwad.
16 Conservation & Development Works of Heritage façade, Lighting & Signage’s for Historic Bazaars in the Walled City, Udaipur under package for Udaipur Smart City Project Phase-I 660.00                               “Contractor has been issued Notice of Termination because of poor quality of workmanship coupled with slow progress.
Tender issued on 07.05.2018. Bid Submission Date is 11th June 2018 (Amount Rs. 6.60 Cr).
17 Integrated Infrastructure Package of ABD Area 48000.00     USCL/DEV{ }/2017-18/07 24/07/2017                   26/4/2018 25/4/2020 “NTP issued on 19.04.2018.
Survey Work completed. Design submitted for initial zones which are under process of approval.
Zone 10 (10.11,12 water Zone) – Sewer Net work + Storm Water – approved on 11th June
WS Network – DMA – Approval in Process
Electrical – Approval in Process
18 Installation of Solar Roof Top plant in Government and Private Buildings in the Udaipur City                                 “The Tender that has been received is based on RESCO Model. The per unit savings quoted by the Successful Bidder is 25% of consumed units billed based on AVVNL Tariff.
Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has also floated a similar tender in which the rates per generated solar unit are to the tune of Rs3.19 which will result in appreciable savings.
Both the Models are available for Implementation
19 Junction Improvement – Surajpole Junction 124.80   17/05/2017 E_12_2017_18_DevSrjPol_02_USCL 11-05-2017 12-07-2017 12-07-2017 124.80 17/05/2017               “Tender Opened, Under Process of Approval.

Letter sent to NHAI for comments with respect to proposed elevated road crossing at the junction
20 Development of Parking Lot under Smart City Mission, Udaipur 753.86 755.63 20/07/2017 USCL/DEV{ }/2017-18/8 28/07/2017 09-04-2017 18-10-2017 753.86 18/07/2017 USCL/2017-18/16 30/11/2017 USCL//2017-18/173 12-11-2017 M/S Mudit Constructions 21/12/2017 20/12/2018 “Paver Block Installation at Chandpole parking in progress. Soil testing completed at Delhi Gate. Foundation Work started.
For the Parking Lot near Bird park, Forest Department has started the handing over of the Building and Work has started”
21 Design, Develop, Finance, Operate and Manage Adventure Zone at Manikya Lal Verma Park at Udaipur 300.00     USCL/DEV{ }/2017-18/E_13 12-04-2017 01-12-2018   300.00 12-03-2017               The Project is due for Tendering
22 Development of 50 Bus Q Shelters in the city of Udaipur 506.88                               NTP Issued
23 Operation and Management of Bus Services in Udaipur 3200.00     USCL/DEV{ }/2017-18/E 14 12-07-2017 15-02-2018                     The Project is due for Tendering
24 Final Cover, Final Capping and Land Reclamation (Part Area) of Old Solid Waste Dump site at Tithardi by adopting appropriate Scientific Closure Technology 465.00   27/09/2017 USCL/DEV{ }/2017-18/E_11 27/10/2017 01-05-2018   465.00 26/09/2017           25/5/2018 24/5/2019 NTP Issued and work started. Site Cleaning & Demarcation is in progress and is on schedule.
25 Construction of Bridge near Daiji ki Pulia 651.28   24/3/2017 E29/2017-18 18/12/2017 23-01-2018   651.28 03-09-2017               Re-tendering has been stopped due to Hon’ble High Court Stay
26 Conservation & Development Works of Heritage façade, Lighting & Signage’s for Gates in the Walled City, Udaipur under package for Udaipur Smart City Project Phase-II 1236.00                                
27 Conservation & Development Works of Heritage façade, Lighting & Signage’s for Fortification Walls in the Walled City, Udaipur under package for Udaipur Smart City Project Phase-II 1604.00                                
28 Conservation & Development Works of Heritage façade, Lighting & Signage’s for Ghats in the Walled City, Udaipur under package for Udaipur Smart City Project Phase-II 295.00                                
29 Development of Smart Road from Hiran Magari -Sevashram Pulia D/S to Jadav Nursery 3268.00                                
30 Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) Operations in Udaipur Area 200.00                                
31 Collection, Transportation and Processing of Organic Waste from Commercial Establishments in Udaipur 200.00                                
32 Street Lighting Work in ABD Area 500.00                                
33 Supply, Installation, Testing and Customization of e-Office Software Solution for USCL 35.50                                
34 Development of Night Shelters 200.00 138.85                              
35 Ayad River Front Development in Convergence Mode 1000.00 470.50                              
36 Construction of Bird Park through Convergence 1175.00 266.02